Residential Solar Financing

Going “green” with solar energy is now more affordable than ever. Choose from both secured and unsecured programs with private lenders, home equity loans and terms up to 20 years depending on your selected and approved financing. Sometimes, you might be able have the option to re-amortize your loan once your solar rebates and credits are received to lower your monthly payment! In many cases, financing your solar energy system can save you more money than your actual loan payment for immediate positive cash flow.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Option
(commercial only)

Even if your organization has limited capital or borrowing capacity, Solar Energy offers a “Power Purchase Agreement” (PPA) option where no large up-front capital expenditure is required. Under a PPA, all the equipment and installation costs are paid by a separate PPA provider who owns the equipment and sells the energy it produces to the property owner at a pre-negotiated rate, thereby locking in your energy costs in a long-term contract. At end of the contract period, the customer may renegotiate another term, or purchase the equipment. The PPA arrangement effectively hedges future rate increases, keeping your energy bills predictable, while generating clean, green renewable energy. Solar Energy 2000, LLC has partnered with Solar Energy Iniciatives, Inc., a leading specialist in renewable energy PPAs, providing commercial clients renewable energy systems without large up-front capital expenditures or long-term debt obligation. PPAs are ideal for all not-for-profits entities, especially hospitals and churches as they are not eligible for renewable energy tax credits under the IRS tax code. Federal, State and local government agencies, (including school boards) can also greatly control energy costs over time by using the PPA arrangement.

GE Money
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