other systems

As a full-service solar energy provider, Solar Energy also provides other value-added services for our customers:

Hague Water Treatment

Enjoy the benefits of soft water in addition to protecting your new solar hot water system equipment from hard water. Hard water causes scale and deposits which can reduce both the efficiency and lifespan of solar water heating system (along with all other plumbing appliances and fixtures as well). Hague products are durable and designed to reduce salt use and operating costs. Install an “under-sink” reverse osmosis (RO) system and make you own bottled water and better tasting ice.


When it comes to bringing natural sunlight to into your home, Solatube is your answer. Solatube comes in 10, 14 and 21 inch diameter tubes and can carry “pipe” sunlight over 25 feet to the room where you want it. You can even place an electric light inside the lens for night time use.

Attic Ventilation

By keeping the attic cooler, your air conditioner equipment will not have to work as hard saving you electricity, wear and tear and money too. The SolarStar® solar powered attic fans use sunlight to run a fan keeping your attic cooler during the hottest part of the day. SolarStar® fans come in both roof and gable-mount styles and since it is solar powered, it costs nothing to operate!

Velux Skylight

Nothing brightens a room better than natural sunlight. We offer a variety of Velux, EnergyStar® rated skylights to brighten your living space, enhance your quality of life and save energy too.

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