pool heating

Can’t wait to get into your pool come early spring? Dread those cool fall days bringing your swim season to a close?

Don’t let cooler temperatures keep you from you pool. Extend your swim season by months and fully enjoy all the benefits of owning a pool—even in the cooler months. If you have a screen enclosure or shading of your pool, heating with solar is likely be your best option due to the high cost of gas and electricity. Operating a gas or electric pool heater may cost hundreds of dollar per month, where a solar heater gets it fuel for FREE.

Our solar pool heaters are made of a flexible polymer material and temperature is maintained using an electronic controller, sensors and an automatic diverter valve. Most of the time, your existing pool pump is plenty to run our system. Solar pool panels come in a variety of sizes and can be attached to a roof or ground-mounted. Even if you already have an electric or gas pool heater, a solar heater can work in conjunction with any pool heating appliance to significantly reduce operation costs…year after year. A properly sized, selected and installed solar pool heating system adds value to your home and fun to your pool.

Solar Energy is a master dealer for FAFCO solar pool heating systems, the longest operating manufacturer with the top rated Revolution® pool panel for BTU efficiency. In addition to solar pool heaters, we also offer salt-chlorinating systems, direct-read pool chemistry systems and other devices to let you enjoy your pool more.

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